Interactive, Game Based Maths Learning

Defeat maths phobia and stop learning passively. Supplement your classroom learning with fun interactive video games and activities for maths. BuiltĀ for age 10+ and lifelong learners.

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Free Game Based Courses

PleDu is in experimentation phase currently. You can try out our free, interactive game based courses below. We are launching a 10x better way to learn STEM soon!

  • Geometry

    Coordinate Geometry

    Understand coordinate geometry with help of an adventure video game. Embark on an adventure ala Indiana Jones, solve problems using coordinate geometry without realising!
    This course covers starts at absolute basics, the idea of a point. We gradually build intuition for co-ordinate grid and equation of lines. You would understand slope of lines easily. Finally, the game gives you an amazing explanation for Pythagoras' theorem and Euclidean distance formula.

  • Trigonometry


    Trigonometry is one of the worst nightmare in school mathematics. Weak trigonometry can haunt you in high school calculus, engineering and beyond. Learn it for once with a fun platformer game.
    You would get a fun way to remember sine and cosine ratios. The game turns you into a Trigonometry problem solver, without remembering hundreds of formulae.

  • Vectors


    Vectors are used literally everywhere, from Physics to game development to data science. In this course, you get a strong foundation for how they work.
    A casual, click based boat docking game gives you fantastic practice for applying concepts of vector addition and vector magnitude. Interactive explanations teach you the core ideas in simplest plain English with ample practical examples and analogies.

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