Interactive, Game Based Maths Learning 

Defeat maths phobia and stop learning passively. Supplement your classroom learning with fun interactive video games and activities for maths. Built for age 10+ and lifelong learners.
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Game Based Learning

See maths in a new practical, hands-on way. PleDu supplements classroom learning with video game sessions. The games provide quick, tactile feedback. Kill the boredom of classroom and rote learning with some action.
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Interactive Explorations

Learners can take multiple attempts and explore ideas in a topic deeply with our games.

Free Game Based Courses


How Can PleDu help regular classroom learning?

Lifelong Learners

Hands-on, fun and intuitive !

Playing video games is fun 😜. Kill little monsters, jump on platforms, escape dungeons and more. You learn without realizing it.

PleDu gives you a strong foundation for maths and science topics. You can use it to score better grades in school. Or to prepare for college entrance exams like IIT JEE.

Give the PleDu advantage to your child, today!

Is your child still learning maths and science the old way? Boring, unmotivated and grade-focused?
PleDu is built using deep research on how we learn. Video games allow productive failures and give frequent feedback. Our interactive explanations ensure they are thinking and not just passively watching lectures. Why don't your try it out for yourself first?

How about motivated and engaged classrooms?

Informed by the latest research in pedagogy and gameful learning, PleDu is built for improving motivation and outcomes in classrooms. Productive failures and quick feedback ensure your students bravely explore STEM. PleDu can become your friend and assistant in building a vibrant classroom.

Learn all the maths your missed in school, better!

Phobia of maths can be a stumbling block, whether you want to become a data scientist or good computer science professional or aspire for a career in biotechnology. PleDu will show you that you aren't bad at learning maths. It was never taught to you in the right way. Built for busy adults, PleDu focuses on conceptual learning so that you get maximum RoI on time invested in learning. 

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out!

One of us! One of us! PleDu was built by a lifelong learner. We strive to help those who keep asking the question, 'why'. Made for those who never want to stop learning and go deep. Let us play some exciting games, have conversations about books and just nerd out  

PleDu is currently in beta

Try out the free courses today. Paid version of longer courses launching soon!

FAQ for Sceptics

Which grades and topics does it cover?

Pledu focuses on maths from grade 7 to high school and the first year of undergraduate classes. It is ideally suited to build a strong foundation for exams like JEE in India and international tests like SAT. The content aligns with the  standard boards like CBSE or IGCSE and common core standards (USA). For professionals and lifelong learners, we cover all the challenging but essential topics (example: calculus or complex numbers) that school, books or colleges never teach well.

What do you mean by games? Are they good?

These are real video games like Zelda style strategy games, Mario style platform games, or arcade-style Asteroids. You play in the browser and do not need any gaming console, fancy graphics card or specialised tab. Game-play is 10-15 minutes followed by interactive explanations.

Educational games have a history of being a boring 'chocolate broccoli'. We are trying to break that reputation. Why don't you try it out and let us know how is it going?

What is this? Is this a school or MOOC ?

We want to build a full alternative maths curriculum for grade 8 to 12 giving a strong foundation for under-graduate level maths. We will reach there one course at a time. In all honesty, it is just a bunch of games, explanations and quizzes right now. That is why the courses are free for now! We do not prematurely promise you sky and take your money. 

Does it actually work?

It is not magic. But well-designed video games make you actively think with short feedback loops. Fun games lower learning anxiety, the number one reason for bad outcomes in maths education. PleDu does not stop at games. We follow it up with interactive explanations. Finally, our gamified quizzes test you for understanding, not memorisation.

We believe the result is quite rewarding. But we would be happier if you tried it and gave us feedback.
Don't hesitate

Defeat Maths Phobia!

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