Terminus School is now 'PleDu'

Jun 13
To better reflect the unique, playful learning experience we are building, Terminus School is now called PleDu . The name reflects our way of making lively and effective educational content: playful education. It also highlights the focus of our platform: seeing one picture is better than thousand words, but one do is better than thousands of pictures and passively watching videos.
This change is just an update to our branding. Our mission, passion and focus remain the same. You don't have to do anything to experience our new platform. Just use our new website link https://pledu.co going forward. The old website link https://terminus.school will redirect you to the new website. If you are already a user, your course progress data and account login details are still the same.

We are constantly seeing 100s of users enjoying our games, learning mathematics, and answering quizzes. Click on the link below to access our revamped website and join a community of learners enjoying playful education.

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