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Why students struggle with Mathematics ?

Because lectures can't cover everything in Maths!

No way to see maths in action in classroom beyond textbook questions.
Tests only tell what student does not know, much later. Feedback cycle is long!
Videos and animations are passive. Student does not understand without interacting with them.
Low motivation. Student's brain does not process information unless it is relevant, engaging and fun!
But everyone can do better 

Why not check the new way of learning?

the PleDu way to learn

PleDu focuses on getting you to apply mathematics in a fun, simulated setting.

Start with a why 

PleDu answers the most important question that is left unanswered in maths, upfront. We start with why we are learning the topic and how is it useful in real-world.


For 10-15 minutes, play an video game. Collect coins, kill some monsters, solve puzzles , or jump and run. Think and use mathematics without being told.

Interactive Explanations 

Don't watch videos passively. Click, touch and engage with them. Think and answer questions. Test your understanding and clear your misconceptions. 

Gamified, well designed quizzes

Don't solve hundreds of monotonous questions. Test yourself with a handful of quizzes that focus on understanding. Use novel matching games and try to beat your own scores.
— What they think

Student feedback

“ I loved the game. It started from absolute basics, no ambiguity. The explanation of Euclidean Distance formula within the game was so apt. Amazingly clear explanations! ”

A grade 9 IGCSE student

“ Wow, it took me so many years to hear the idea of complement of sine. I will never forget what is sine ratio and how it changes because the experience of discovering it in the game will stay with me”

A professional in Trigonometry Course

“ I was initially sceptical. But wow, these games are fun. The controls are simple and I started playing despite not being an active gamer. Got clear and simple explanations for some concepts I always struggled to understand. Keep it up! ”

A lifelong learner

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